Snyder is a Christian rock band based out of Muncie, IN. Snyder was started in 2014 as an acoustic duo going by the name “All For One”. Featuring Ethan Snyder on lead vocals and Greg Hatton on guitar “All For One” performed mostly covers of popular CCM songs. In 2016 they released an EP of original songs called “You Already Knew”.

The band was in for a transformation in 2018 when Thane Brooks joined in on drums. After Thane joined, it was decided that a rebrand was in order and the guys decided to change their band’s name to “Snyder”. With a new name and a shift away from acoustic to pop Snyder started experimenting to discover their own unique style. They began recording their debut album in 2019 and released their self titled LP in early 2020.

By honing in on their many musical influences like Switchfoot, Third Day, and NeedToBreathe, Snyder has developed a sound not often heard in the the contemporary realm of Christian music. Their blend of pop, rock, and a dash of folk make for an always entertaining show! All while staying true to their collective calling of spreading God’s love through music.

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